The Event

Time Out for the Creative Mompreneur is a one day conference in San Antonio, Texas designed to help women connect, renew, and grow as moms and creative business owners. Raising business and babies at the same time is no easy feat, so come to enjoy a day made just for you! Our goal is to keep this conference as intimate and personal as possible to make sure everyone gets the best out of the conference.

Due to the current situation and uncertainty of the future our conference will go virtual this year.

You’ll hear from 4 amazing local speakers for two days on helpful topics to aide your business grow and encouragement to be the best mom and entrepreneur you can be!

You will have some adult time while your kids are sound asleep and you can finally enjoy a glass of wine while learning and connecting virtually.

Join us on

Tuesday October 6 and 7, 2020

8:30-10:00 PM

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Time Out for the Creative Mompreneur Conference

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As moms and business owners, it’s easy to feel like you are doing this alone, but the truth is there are other moms out there who feel just like you!

Our goal at the virtual Time Out for Creative Mompreneurs is to have an intimate evening, while the kids are asleep where you’ll meet, get to know, and develop relationships with a other moms! We will do this by enjoying time in groups virtually to learn about each other and connect in a personal level while also taking away valuable information from 4 amazing mompreneurs who struggle as much as you do.

Are you ready to…

Network with other moms who are going through the same seasons as you?

Develop a relationship with other moms?

Not feel alone in your business and motherhood journey?

Create business relationships that could potentially help yours grow?



Taking care of you is one of the most important things you can do as a mom and an entrepreneur because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

At the Time Out for Creative Mompreneurs event, spend your evening in your pjs with a cup of coffee or wine, in a laid-back virtual environment that is all about you! You are welcome to participate in our meditation session to start the event.

Are you ready to…

Have your cup of energy and motivation refilled?

Learn ways to help you relax and take care of yourself?

Have it be all about YOU for two evenings?

Feel renewed as a mom and business owner?



While we know as well as you do that sometimes burning the midnight oil is the only way everything gets done, we also want to help you by giving you tips, tricks, hacks, systems, advice, and encouragement to grow and to thrive as a mom and creative entrepreneur.

Our speakers at the Time Out for Creative Mompreneurs event will provide you with ideas, plans, and encouragement, and you will leave ready to live life to the fullest while also preparing to dig into your business and the next big goal.

Are you ready to…

See that your dreams and goals can become a reality?

Implement all the ideas, systems, and hacks into your business and motherhood life?

Thrive as a woman, mom, and small business owner?

Keep building your Empire?


Stop feeling alone in the mom journey!

We go through different stages of motherhood and when we start a business it can get hectic pretty fast.

We want to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, many of us have been there or are still there.

Our goal is to grow, connect, and renew together, to have each other’s back, and to know that there are more than just you out there.

You can juggle motherhood while running a business and be great at both


Are you ready to continue pursuing your dreams while also being the best mom you can be?

You deserve to see where the journey can take you!

Spots are very limitedt
Ticket $49.00


You are a mom that is growing a business and raising kids at the same time.

You are a mom to be and are ready to adapt to motherhood and being an entrepreneur.

You are an entrepreneur and are ready to have kids soon but have no idea how you will be able to do both at the same time.

You are struggling on how to balance family and your business.

You are ready to learn tricks and tips from amazing mom bosses.

You want to have a time for yourself and would love to network with other moms.


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